Yoga in Heaven’s Garden


A crisp,fresh Sunday morning, dew on the grass, the sky a clear blue just inviting us to be outside taking huge gulps of Prana laden air. Well, could we? Yes, of course we could!  And so it was that my daughter and I found ourselves at 9am at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens taking up the offer of ‘Yoga in Heaven’s Garden’ with Eloise’ Day from Indigo Yoga. The cool fresh air caressing our skins, the feel of the mat beneath our feet, being able to switch off and totally immerse in the NOW with the gentle voice of Eloise’ guiding us through the asanas – a soul feeding hour.

A small group of enthusiasts with experience ranging from beginner to 40+ years, Eloise kept everyone moving and present, no mental wandering to the passerbys and the laughter of children – focus was what was required.What a wonderful lesson in being able to turn within and be with oneself entirely, with the awareness of the movement of your body and the rhythm of the breath.

Eloise’ kept everything light and easy enabling everyone to be in tune with her teaching. A wonderful, enriching start to the day. If you have the time, make a date with yourself  and Eloise’ or one of her teachers on Saturday 17th November.

With Love in Yoga, Sandra

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