24 Day 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training in Nature with Fran Siebrits 18th Oct -10th Nov 2019

Immerse yourself in a month long, residential ashram experience in nature for your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification (YTTC). Situated at the beautiful Guinevere Guest Farm, you will be able to live the yogic lifestyle while training to become a yoga teacher. This teacher training will assist you in becoming an authentic yoga teacher, with a deep understanding of the theoretical as well as embodied aspects of yoga. By immersing yourself in the daily routine of an ashram-based lifestyle, you will not only learn the course material but also the holistic yogic experience.

In this intensive course you will study the philosophy of yoga, it’s history and how this relates in today’s world, yoga theory, anatomy and physiology, yogic language, class sequencing, chakras and energy centres, the importance of the breath and specific breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation, as well as many ancient tools for healing and alignment.

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5 Tips for a Stronger, More Stable Garudasana……

Garudasana  or Eagle Pose is a beautiful, spiraling swirl of a standing balance. It takes its name from the mythical Garuda, king of all birds and vehicle of choice for Hindu God Vishnu. Garuda is depicted as a majestic golden beast with a man’s body vast red wings and an eagle’s beak. Associated with the all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays, garuda can be literally translated as “devourer”.  Poised, graceful, fierce, and with hunter-sharp awareness, it’s a powerful creature to emulate. However, on a bad day, garudasana can feel ungainly, awkward and wobbly. Below are five tips  for  a stronger,more stable pose

1. Prepare the Body

Garudasana requires openness in the shoulders, as well as engagement and flexibility in the lower body. Before you attempt it, practice some abdominal strengthening work to activate your core stabilizing muscles. Moving through cat-cow postures will help release the back of the shoulders. Finally, practicing a hybrid of gomukhasana legs with garudasana arms is an ideal warm up posture, as it prepares the outer hips for the leg wrapping movement, while imprinting the arm position in the body ready for the full posture to come.

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