Ganesh Mudra……

Named after the Hindu elephant God Ganesh, this mudra is believed to invoke his energy as the remover of obstacles. As such, practicing the Ganesha mudra is said to enhance self-confidence and provide the courage to overcome anything that is holding one back.

To practice Ganesha mudra, first bring the palms together in Anjali Mudra, before swiveling each hand so that the fingertips point towards opposite elbows. The right palm should be facing towards the body, the left palm facing away. Once in this position, slide the hands back until the fingers lock together and grasp each other. The thumbs simply rest on top of the little finger of the opposite hand. The hands stay at the level of the heart as they are energetically pulled apart without releasing the grip.

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Love from Spirit…..

Mothers are the threads within the fabric of life that weaves all of mankind together. Without a mother… we would not be; Without your mother… you would not be. Love her, forgive her…She was doing the best she knew how. Embrace her, acknowledge her…for it was her temple that brought you into the world. Celebrate YOUR life… Celebrate HERS. And for mothers everywhere…Bless you today… and every day! Thank you for all you do in making this world a magical place. – Mary A Hall.