The Sun Always Rises …

“When you realise that behind all the worry, complaint and disapproval that goes on in your mind, the sun is always coming up in the morning, moving across the sky, and going down in the evening. The birds are always out there collecting their food and making their nests and flying across the sky. The grass is always being blown by the wind or standing still. Food and flowers and trees are growing out of the earth. There’s enormous richness. You could develop your passion for life, your curiosity and your gratitude. You could connect with your joyfulness. You could start right now.”  –  The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chodron

Sunshine Yoga Studio: Balancing Your Fire Element

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) the summer season is governed by the Fire element, making it an easy one to remember as we associate the heat from the sun during this time of the year.

I try to bring concepts from each of the elements in TCM into my classes throughout the seasons. For my students , I thought it would be useful to expand on what the five elements are and what you can expect from the Fire element on and off the mat as we begin the summer season.

From a yoga practice perspective, we use postures to apply pressure or to stretch our muscles or tissues around these energy lines in an attempt to move stagnant energy or to increase circulation through the meridians but with no needles involved!

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