The Ups and Downs of Life…..

If we don’t have any access to a deeper sense of self, it feels life-threatening when things are not working on the surface. When our identity falls apart, we will do anything to defend and fix it, because it’s all the self we know. With our roots planted in a more spacious self, our relationship to the ups and downs on the surface changes. We know the intrinsic impermanence of it all. We welcome the learning each experience provides us with. We can even feel grateful when things are really messed up on the surface.” Chameli Ardagh

Clear What Is Holding You Back ….

With all our best intentions and rich resources, why is it so hard to slow down, simplify, and care for ourselves? Why do most clearing efforts fall short or peter out?

The reason may lie in the simple fact that we perceive there is no time to juggle it all, let alone clear the things and thoughts that have caused us to feel so overwhelmed in the first place.

In order for any clearing process to be effective and sustainable it is important to remember the following:

  • For clearing to last you need to put yourself first. You won’t make a dent in reducing the stress and stuff until you’ve healed the patterns that created it. If you don’t feel safe, you won’t let go. Clearing is an inside job that begins and ends with you.

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