Mindfulness Retreat to India with StreetSchool: March 2020

Your are on your own journey and the master of your own destiny to a great extent. How will you reflect back on your life when you hit 60, 70 or 80? What are the stories you will tell your kids and grandchildren? We are all writing stories by the lives we create.

On our mindfulness retreats to India we put you in touch with monks and lamas to discuss these very topics. Plus how to be happier and more content with what you have right now. This is not a journey for everyone. If these questions are not important to you, no problem. But if you do have questions around being more peaceful, having more clarity and a profound sense of purpose, then this trip is for you. We also visit the Taj Mahal and Golden Temple, stay in comfortable clean hotels and eat great food – oh the food!

R39,500 pp includes all international flights, all accommodation, all meals, all taxi transfers, sessions and donations. The lot.

If you would like to join us from 20 to 30 March 2020 on a journey of a lifetime, please contact Klasie at Streetschool on 021 880 0269 or klasie@streetschool.co.za


Beat the Heat with Cooling Yoga Asanas…

According to Ayurveda, fiery Pitta energy dominates in our environment in the summertime. This can lead to an unwanted accumulation of Pitta—with its hot and sharp qualities—in your body. If you have a Pitta-dominant constitution, you’ll want to be especially mindful of avoiding overheating in the summer.

You don’t need to give up your favorite poses in order to stay balanced. How you approach your practice is just as important as which asanas you choose. You’ll still want to adequately warm up your muscles and build some purifying internal heat, but you don’t want to overheat or have the heat linger too long in your body.

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