Should You Complete A Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Considering becoming a certified yoga instructor? Ask yourself these six questions before signing up:

1. Are you a good fit?

In my opinion, yoga teacher training only benefits people who want to teach. It’s a good idea to have at least three or four years of experience as a student before you consider teaching yoga.

If you simply want to learn about yoga and deepen your practice – but don’t know if you want to teach – there are better options for you. Some studios offer immersion programs, for instance, which can be great for learning methodology. In them, you focus solely on learning yoga by studying the poses, the practice and the philosophy behind it. Once you complete an immersion program, you’ll probably have a much clearer sense of whether or not you want to teach. If you decide to enroll in the teacher training program, you’ll have a strong foundation of knowledge to build on.

2. Can you afford it?

Prices vary from studio to studio but it is not cheap. many yoga studios do however  offer payment plans. If you are wondering if and when you will see a return on your investment, do some research about the starting rate for yoga teachers in your area.

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Security in Oneself….

“The common conception of security is an achievement or a possession on the physical plane. But an abiding sense of security can never come from possession or from achievement. Impossible! Security comes only when we have established our constant oneness with our soul. 

If we want to become one with our soul, we must always try to be aware of our source, which is eternal peace, light and bliss. If our source is something divine, eternal and infinite, how can we feel insecure?

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