7 Nutrients You May Be Missing On A Plant-Based Diet (And What To Do About It)…..

For most of us who have transitioned to a more plant-based diet at some stage in our lives, you’ll be familiar with that initial feeling of vitality. A feeling of lightness and endless energy; like you’re still full, but less sluggish (and for those with ethical motivations, less of a guilty conscience). Then for some, the honeymoon effect starts to wane and some symptoms might start occurring like hair loss, brittle nails, hormonal issues, or fatigue.

Many experts say this could be caused by nutrient deficiencies and if left unaddressed, these imbalances could contribute to serious health concerns long term. It’s not to say this happens to everyone, but if you’re not paying attention to exactly what you’re eating, you can put your body at risk.

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Reimagine, Recreate, Restore – World Environment Day Poem by Jordan Sanchez

The poem is a powerful call to arms, reminding listeners that we only have one Earth and we must protect her. The poem ties into the Decade of Restoration, a United Nations initiative that will launch on #WorldEnvironmentDay, to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide. As Ms Sanchez says in her poem: “We are a fraction of a second in earth’s lifetime. Yet she is our only lifeline.”

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