The Story Of Indra’s Net…..

Indra is the Hindu god who symbolises the natural forces that protect and nurture life, and it is said that above the palace of Indra you can see an infinite net. No one has seen it all, but it is said to cover the earth, suspended like an atmosphere. At each knot in the net there is a clear and radiant jewel that reflects all the other jewels. And each jewel contains and mirrors the entire net and all the jewels that hold the net together.

Through the lens pf physics, biology, psychology, and spirit, Indra’s net is a metaphor for how each living part contains the whole and how the smallest unit of energy – be it an atom, cell, psyche, or soul – is crucial to binding the threads of life. These irreducible units of life are clear, brilliant jewels holding the infinite net together.

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HospiceWits Tree of Light 2019

HospiceA memory is a photograph taken by the heart
to make special moments last forever.
Honour your loved one by purchasing a virtual globe
on our beautiful Tree of Light…

Join us at our annual Tree lighting ceremony as we remember our loved ones in a very special way.This is the perfect occasion for family and friends to unite under a canopy of stars, as the sun goes down, and the lights on the tree are lit and illuminate our hearts.

Date : 24 November 2019
Venue: Joburg Zoo (Tree of Light Lawn)
Time : 17:00 – 20:00
Entrance: FREE

Bring your picnic blankets and baskets – food and refreshments will also be on sale.

If you would like to purchase a remembrance globe in memory of your loved one, or simply like to celebrate the life of someone special, click on the button below to order your globe online. Should you prefer, you can send us an email – or call us on 011 483 9175 / 9100 and we will process it for you.