Yoga4kids Online Children’s Yoga Teacher Training April 2020

Namaste we greet you all from a place of calm.

We are so thrilled to announce our online training platforms, which you can do from the safety and comfort of your home. So exciting.

The Yoga4kids Foundation Course is truly an insightful journey into your inner child.  It is from here that your creative and playful nature is restored and your true path of teaching holistic health and wellbeing to children unveiled.  Not to mention a plethora of wonderful tools and exciting skills on how to bring yoga, breathing and relaxation to children.Yoga is the fastest healing modality created for our time.  We are in the grip of being housebound and not able to partake in a physical study. Yoga is the cure and the catalyst for calm.

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Affirmations for Accepting the Flow of Life…..

Today I accept the flow of life and I freely release any attachment to the outcome. I am flowing with life easily and effortlessly. I let go of worry and enjoy the natural flow of this day whatever it may bring.  Change is the only constant in life, I embrace this truth as a beautiful thing. I trust everything happens for a reason, this allows me to flow with life instead of resisting it.  Today I allow the rhythm of life to flow through me.  I am in the rhythm and flow of an ever changing life. I choose to live like a river flows, surprised by it’s own unfolding.

Repeat the affirmations when ever you think of them; as many times as you feel you need. The point is to receive their meanings completely!