200 Hr Kids Yoga Teachers Training Pretoria: 04th Aug – 04th Nov 2019

The Go With The Flow Kids Teachers Training Program is aimed at teachers, parents, therapists and any one else who has a love for yoga and a love for children.

Children’s Yoga is a fun, creative and playful way for children to learn Yoga. The Go With The Flow Kids Yoga program includes breathing exercises to help children with correct breathing patterns, yoga postures to help increase strength, flexibility and coordination, and relaxation techniques to help children to be able to center easily and effortlessly. Everyone completing this program will have a complete understanding of how to teach yoga to children.

For further information and to reserve your place please contact Caryn Lustig on 082 6027689 or gowiththeflow@gmail.com





5 Ways to Start Teaching Yoga…..

Graduating from yoga teacher training is exciting. However, figuring out how to take your newly gained skills to the next level can also be daunting. When it comes to finding ways to start teaching yoga right away, there really are a ton of options. Be a visionary and use your resources. Let people know that you are taking or have completed a yoga teacher training. Though it may seem like a numbers game, don’t worry about the size of the class. We’ve all waited for students who never showed up, and we’ve all had classes where only one student came. We learn that these are magical opportunities to grow as a teacher and that showing up and holding space is important even if there are no students to fill it—that teaching just one student is a chance to hone our ability to connect one-on-one with students and to be fully present no matter what. That said, here are 5 simple ways to start teaching yoga right now.

1.Teach yourself in order to refine your craft.

Whether you have students right away or not, keep up the skills you acquired in teacher training by teaching yourself. Find a pose you want to teach, or if you have more time, select an entire sequence. Hit “record” on whatever device you’re using and just teach! Instruct the pose, short sequence, or entire class, as if to students.

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