YOGA AFRICA Insights Baseline Report…..

Inspired by the intriguing results published in a 2016 research study on the various aspects of the yoga industry in the United States, the Black Swan Society – a wellness agency that recognizes, creates, advances and champions revolutionary wellness practices and ultimate well-being in Africa, sought to gain this kind of insight on the size and economic value of this rapidly growing market in Africa.

In 2019, they in partnership with African Response, an independently owned insights company, initiated the pioneering investigation in South Africa as a starting point. Falling under the title, YOGAFRICA Insights Baseline Report, the report sought to explore various aspects of the yoga market and its unique nature. It spoke to the size and value of the industry, whilst also providing a breakdown of the practitioner profiles.

The results of the baseline report are both surprising and exciting. They discovered that the market is much larger than had originally anticipated. Thus,the potential for growth is clear.

The second phase of their research intends to go a level deeper by sharing an online survey focused towards Yoga Teachers and Business Owners to gain a deeper view of their perspective.

Should you wish to view the report or contribute to the online survey please go to  (


Allowing Others To Walk Their Path….

Watching a loved one or a peer traverse a path littered with stumbling blocks can be immensely painful. We instinctively want to guide them toward a safer track and share with them the wisdom we have acquired through experience. Yet all human beings have the right to carve their own paths without being unduly influenced by outside interference. To deny them that right is to deny them enlightenment, as true insight cannot be conveyed in lectures.

Rather, each individual must earn independence and illumination by making decisions and reflecting upon the consequences of each choice. In allowing others to walk their paths freely, you honor their right to express their humanity in whatever way they see fit. Though you may not agree with or identify with their choices, understand that each person must learn in their own way and at their own pace.

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