We Were Made To Be Loved…..

It’s a sleepy morning. The kind of morning that looks back on the day before, heavy and empty at the same time. Sedated by exhaustion birthed out of trying your very best and still coming up short. Readjusting the baggage you’ve brought, you pull the cold handle, opening the door to your favorite coffee shop. Immersed in smells, sounds and warmth, your body reminds you, you’re alive.

Glancing too and fro, humans speak, words navigating through steam. Provoked by their connections, a feeling crawls up from the bottom of your stomach: loneliness.

Your bags grow heavier with this addition.

He wanted to meet you here to reconnect. You did your best to talk yourself – and him – out of it. You search the shop until you see Him…well, not so much as see Him as you feel His smile.

It’s kind, Love’s smile.

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The Spiritual Wisdom and Meaning Of Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

The Earth nourishes a tree. A tree is deep-rooted in Earth. Your Self nourishes you. Are you deep rooted in Self?

For nothing  in return a tree gives flowers, fruits wood and shade. For nothing in return do you reach out to the needy, to their aid?

Alone or together a tree stands silent. Alone or together are you silent?

Leaves, flowers, and fruits a tree loses it all. Still, bare it stands proud and tall. Do you
when you lose or fall?

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