A Prayer For Peace


prayer“Let us pray for peace. Please sit in your consolidated self. Your prayer will be effective by the concentration of your mind, and heart and self. Pray for all. Pray for those who are facing death, pray for those who are dying, pray for those who shall die, pray for those who are all dead, pray for all, every soul. Ask for nothing, but to bring peace, peace to the dead, peace to the living, peace to those who are at war, and peace to those who are not at war. Blessed God, beloved God, creative God, our Creator, within our self and without our self, give us the power to understand peace and tranquility, grace and reality, identity and personality of all. Give us the power to love all, to see you in all and be with you all the time and space. We all pray for those who are at this time in action and in reaction; may peace prevail soon, may everybody come home and be at rest. Bless them, bless us, bless our families, bless our realities, give us a wonderful and beautiful tomorrow. In Thy name we pray. Sat Nam” -Yogi Bhajan 1/23/91r

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