Plant the Seeds of Your Intention



You have listened to your heart……and you know what you truly desire. Now it’s time to set your intention. Just as an acorn has great potential to grow into a magnificent oak tree,so too does your intention have the potential to grow into something truly magnificent!

Plant the seeds of your intentions in fertile soil. Nourish your mind.

The acorn must have perfect conditions and a nutrient rich environment for it to germinate and grow, and the right amount of sunlight and water.Nourish your intention. Water it with LOVE. Fertilize it with persistence, determination, and belief. Feed your mind.

Try this: Today, set an intention. Write it down. Say it out loud. Move when
you say it. Say it with emotion. Feel it. Dance with it in your own way. It’s important that you connect emotionally with the idea and intention.

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