The language of light


5-Regrets-picA man needs the silence to turn to his soul

and listen to sounds of the birds.

His goal is to find he is part of the Whole,

that speaks in a voice without words.

 Oh man, if you would only listen,

there is a language in the trees.

   And when you see the dewdrops glisten,

 You hear the whisper of the breeze.

 There is a language in the flowers

  and in the wavelets of a stream.

      The clouds are talking in their showers.

   They speak to you as in a dream.

The leaves are having conversation.

The stars are calling in the night.

It’s all a sweet communication,

just like swallows in their flight.

 Oh man, if you would only listen,

        you’d hear the Language of the Light.

  Nellie Snyders, August 1992

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