Sun meditation


One Sun for Everyone

“One Sun.

One Soul.

One Self.

No you, no me,  just Divinity.”

There is one sun for every one. Life is a celebration of the sun, each day the dawn awakens flooding our beloved planet with solar love. All food we eat, each life form in our little solar system is a child of this sun. Without it’s nourishing rays we could not be here. The sun shines it’s light into each corner. The Rishis compared Veda to the sun,  a light for all mankind. On this month of May, the month of Buddha Jayanthi, a celebration of the Buddha within each of us, we meditate on  the one sun for everyone.


Centre the mind on the Sun. Every piece of stone, every drop of water, and every bit of oxygen around you is filled with light, nothing but dazzling white light. Suppose every grain of sand became conscious, every rock could speak, every tree could say “I am Light, radiating Light”. Imagine you are the Sun and you are throwing Light onto millions of bodies as a gift. Concentrate on the Sun as the Centre of Life. It makes you feel that everything in the world is Light – the Light is your own Soul. Sit still – bring the spine and neck in line and your spinal column begins to vibrate with new vitality, electricity, Light in every particle of your being. Visualize any sunrise you have seen. Imagine the sun rising and filling you with more and more light, as the sun rises higher and higher, feel from within you are shining, you come back out of yourself into the physical source of light called Sun and colour, because there is such a deep correspondence between the physical source of Light and your Inner Light.

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