“If you change yourself, you can change the entire world”


dalai-lama-film-smPATHWAYS TO PEACE SYMPOSIUM:  In August 2002 South Africans have the rare chance to meet a truly extraordinary Humanitarian, Peace Activist and Spiritual Master – Paramahans Swami Maheshwarananda, simply known as Swamiji. Swamiji is one of the worlds most revered and respected yoga masters, spiritual teachers, authors and humanitarian workers. He is Descended from and ancient lineage of yogis. Swamiji travelled to the west in 1970 where he developed the authentic and holistic system of  “Yoga in Daily Life” now taught in 26 countries and 3000 yoga centres, schools and hospital facilities world wide. Swamiji is recognized by Governments as a great peacemaker and humanitarian. In 1997 he joined the Dalai Lama in becoming one of only 3 esteemed personalities to receive official recognition for their humanitarian efforts from the World Development Parliament. Over the last 30 years Swamiji has travelled throughout the world teaching, advising and promoting world peace and inter religious communication.

One of Swamiji’s key teachings is that “If you change yourself, you can change the entire world”. In August 2002 Swamiji will be visiting South Africa to attend the World Summit on Sustainable Development and to spread his message of peace, tolerance and Inter-Religious communication. Full details of the schedule will follow shortly.

You are invited to a Symposium promoting peace to be held at the Lynda Auditorium at Johannesburg College of Education, 27 St Andrews Road, Parktown on Sunday Evening on the 1st September 2002 at 18h00.Entrance is free Be sure to be there early as we are expecting a full house with significant local and international media coverage.

For more information please telephone Gordon on 073 234 7089.

Signed on behalf of:

South African Jewish Students

Hindu Student Society

Christian Action Fellowship

Yoga Teachers Fellowship

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