Transform Your Energy….


All emotions are energies, and if these energies are not used creatively they will disturb some part of the body, some part of the mind. Such energies have to be used. Unused internal energy creates certain blocks, and then gives rise to disease, like a tumor. So it is not just anger that creates blockage. If there is a love within me to give and I am not able to give this love to someone, it can create a blockage within me. If there is anger inside me and I am not able to express it, it can create a blockage within me. If there is fear inside and I am not able to show it, fear can become a blockage.

All emotional states create energy within and this energy needs to be released.

Creativity means that whenever energy arises it should be used in a creative way so that something emerges out of it and nothing is destroyed. Instead of using the energy to always criticise everyone, rather use it to write a song. The world could become a much better place if we were to use our energy, all the energy inside us, in a creative way.

Dance, paint and don’t bother whether somebody likes your painting or not-that is not the question. Write poetry. There is no need even to show it to anybody. If you enjoy it, write it and burn it. Play on your flute or guitar or piano. That will be your creativity. This creativity will make you complete, whole. And to be whole is the only way to be holy and healthy.

So, don’t reject any energy. Don’t reject any energy that arises in you. Consider it a blessing and try to transform it. All energy can be changed and can be transformed. And what appears to you to be bad can be transformed into something fragrant, something beautiful – .Ayurveda Surgery of Anger, by Dr. Ram Garg

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