Time for emotional healing


We are entering the astrological sign of Cancer, from June 21 through July 21, when emotional ties take priority. Cancer is a water sign that represents the mother in us all. To be in the flow of this nurturing energy, we access our  sensitive, intuitive, home-loving side. Heart-to-heart talks deepen the emotional connection; so we reconnect with family members  and express our appreciation to those we love. We beautify we our homes and reconnect to nature; the call of wild water entices explorations of rivers, lakes, and oceans. We allow ourself to be energised by the lunar light, as Moon rules Cancer. Monday’s New Moon in sensitive Cancer heightens emotional intensity for the week because of opposition from penetrating Pluto. It’s time to heal emotional issues.

Lets Dive into the Cancerian Personality.

New Moon Eclipse 2009

Extraordinarily sensitive and nurturing, Cancerians are the caretakers of the zodiac. They are family-oriented and find fulfillment through creating a comfortable home for loved ones to enjoy. They are very protective of those they love, and will help just about anyone in need. It’s easy to hurt their feelings, however, and they are capable of crawling into their shell – the symbol of Cancer is the crab – and staying there until they receive a sincere (and repeated) apology. Even then, it may be some time before the Cancer feels safe enough to open up emotionally.

They can be secretive and moody, and quite capable of holding a grudge. Letting go of the past is one of their greatest challenges. Still, their kindhearted nature enables them to forgive the transgressions of others.

In love, Cancers are all heart. If you hold the heart of a Cancer, you’ll be blessed with all the love you can handle – and then some. Cancers can be clingy if they’re insecure about their relationships. Actually, they don’t let go easily under any circumstances, so rest assured they’ll stay with you through thick and thin – if you treat them kindly.

To make your Cancer happy, express your feelings freely. Don’t be shy. It’s hard to overdo sentimentality with your Cancer. They love gifts that remind them of your relationship – friends and lovers alike. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a sweet reminder of your admiration. Food and love go hand-in-hand with Cancers as well, so offering up a scrumptious meal will inspire their undying affection.

The only thing you’ll need to watch out for is how your Cancer expresses anger. Cancers are notorious for being passive-aggressive if they haven’t learned to be direct. You may need to gently prompt your Cancer into expressing their uncomfortable feelings. If you can establish a relationship based on security, sensitivity and trust, you and your Cancer stand an excellent chance of living happily every after.

Cancer at work
Being excellent caretakers, Cancers often go into healing professions. They make exceptional doctors, nurses or psychologists. Cancers usually feel a special tie with children, so they make wonderful teachers, especially of grade-schoolers. Being security-minded, with an eye for detail, gives them a talent for finance, business, and real estate. And since Cancer rules food, a career in hospitality, restaurant managing or catering will use their talents as well. Mainly, Cancers need to feel emotionally fulfilled by their professions. Lacking that, they will find fulfillment through providing for their families, no matter what kind of work they do.

In general, Cancers inspire us to appreciate emotional ties, especially those of family. They make the world a better place through their compassion and sacrifice for those they love. Kindness is their motto. The perfect example of a kind-hearted Cancer is the Dalai Lama.

Monday’s New Moon in sensitive Cancer heightens emotional intensity for the week because of opposition from penetrating Pluto. It’s time to heal emotional issues. Passion heats up mid-week. During the weekend, Saturday is earthy and practical, but relationship complications arise on Sunday. Best day for love: Wednesday.


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