Spiritual re-alignment


Jupiter retrograde: From June 15 – October 12, 2009, Jupiter, the planet of spiritual beliefs, will be in retrograde. Because retrogrades beam a spotlight on your inner life, this is the perfect time to evaluate and improve your connection to Source, set soul goals and tidy up your colourful tapestry of life.

Be true to yourself: Self examination: Do your beliefs reflect your values? Are they truly a part of who you are, or are you blindly following the beliefs of someone else? Do you pay as much attention to your spiritual life as you do your job or family? Energize your spiritual life: Make time for contemplation, meditation or religious services, attuning yourself to nature, whatever form of spirituality nourishes your soul.

Jupiter is also about integrity. During the next few months, you may find yourself face-to-face with any pretenses you’ve build up, masks that have been adopted. Do you need the accoutrements of success (fine clothing, car,  income) in order to feel validated? Curren lessons help realign your integrity with your soul’s purpose.

Complete what you’ve started: Jupiter also rules education and adventure, while retrogrades prompt you to backtrack over old territory so you can complete your goal. It is a time to tidy up any loose threads in our colourful tantic tapestry.

As the planet of the future, retrograde Jupiter will prompt you to examine your goals and how you’ll get there. Heeding your intuition can keep your goals on track – or help you find a new path altogether. Be open to receiving signs, messages from unexpected (unseen?) sources that can guide your direction – signs from the universe, if you will. A sign may come from meeting a long-lost friend who works in a field you’ve been considering, which propels you toward a new job. Or perhaps you’ll suddenly hear a song on the radio that offers a clue about what you need to do.  It can, however, be a difficult time to start a new business venture because retrogrades don’t support your material goals.  It’s not about focusing on prosperity, which is usually the domain of lucky Jupiter, but about being aligned with your integrity, beliefs and destiny.  Goals of the soul.

If you do launch a new business during retrograde Jupiter, you may find yourself in a philanthropic role, giving away services to those in need, which can be a good thing in the long run, but frustrating financially. Also, new clients won’t be stampeding to your doorstep. So be patient concerning the financial and growth aspects of the business. Things will likely improve after Jupiter turns direct in October.

During this time, be introspective and let the Universe guide you. Then you’ll have a clearer perspective about your life, both spiritually and materially, after Jupiter turns direct.

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