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I learned that if people understand, they will help. I also had the opportunity to experience what Abraham Maslow described as synergy. There is no good reason for people to not support each other. The competitive and non-supportive nature of our culture is not who we are as souls.  We are all in this together. That is our strength and our salvation. Ubuntu. If you need something, ASK.

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I used to be involved with seminar work. It was a time of my life that revolved around intense growth and self-awareness. Following each seminar there would be a celebration. Sponsors of participants, past participants and family would gather just to enjoy the energy. It was always a joyous time, a time of community and fellowship. During the celebration the people who had just completed the basic seminar would be encouraged to sign up for the advanced seminar. There was a $200 savings incentive to sign up that night.

Well, a woman who had just completed the basic really wanted to sign up for the next advanced seminar, but she could not afford it. She was a single parent and could barely afford the basic seminar. What she needed was $1,000, and she needed it that night. At some point during the evening, the owner/facilitator of the organization approached her and asked if she was going to do the advanced seminar. She told him she would love to, but she could not afford it. His response was, “So, what are you going to do about it?” Now keep in mind that for the last four days he had been drumming into their heads the idea that “Intention=Results.”  He asked her, “What do you want?” She said, “I want to sign up for the advanced seminar tonight.” Then he said, “Think about what your action step needs to be.” Then he walked away, leaving her to fret, and she did.

No one in the room had any idea that this personal drama was unfolding, but there was a huge gift coming to all of us. About 30 minutes later, she had figured it out. Jeff, the facilitator was on the mic and addressing the group. All he said was that someone wanted to speak to us. He handed the mic to her and she told us her story. She asked us to help. When the celebration was over she had over $1400.  She reserved  her seat for the coming seminar, she gave the rest to their scholarship fund, and everybody in the room learned some very important lessons. She left that evening in tears.

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