This Moment…..


It is not something to be figured out. It is being married to the moment, as opposed to a plan.

Plans are helpful to the mind in the beginning. But for the one who is really getting ready to dance, it is throwing all plans away and receiving the grace of what immediately is being offered.

The moment that dynamics of the play bring on forgetfulness, it is time to be silent and look within. Out of the silence that lives within, it is letting go of the future and seeing what happens, as opposed to holding on to a subtle plan of how I am going to be to get the most out of this.

You can’t know how to do it, because it is not of the mind. It is not a doing, it is not a knowing, it is This Moment. That’s all it is.

You can’t do this moment, you can receive it. When you receive it, you are receiving everything, including what the mind calls, ‘me.’ You just receive it, and then see what happens.”

– Devaji

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