Auspicious Days: 12 and 21 December 2012


There is so much hype around, much like the turn of the century, 2000. The doom and gloomers are again selling a survival kit list. One email I received said that President Zuma has built a bunker at his home (given the cost of  his dwelling, it may be so!).

It is also the summer solstice and holidays, yay!For me, it is another opportunity to for self- regulation, clear out the clutter, detox, distress, acknowledge all the events, change, achievements of this powerful year and uplift with whatever soothes your soul. A New year is always a call to harness new energy. The release this month from the human psyche is palpable. We are making space for the new.

Such an exciting time; so many different opinions and ideas illustrate the diversity of our planet and all its human communities. It is a huge expansion of consciousness.

This is the culmination of a process that has been ongoing for years. Some of us are from an era when we have always lived green, using local, fresh, seasonal produce.  We used hessian bags for shopping (there were no plastic bags), we did our own recycling (organic, glass, no tinned products used). We were micro biotic, vegetarian, vegan. Remember the most relevant slogans “make love not war, save water, shower with a friend”? We did not drive polluting diesel SUVs. We still have wild indigenous gardens. My husband still says that I am out, floating on my magic carpet somewhere……

Maybe now is the time that global awareness becomes sufficiently refined to change set patterns that might otherwise tip nature into destruction.

Is there going to be a galactic alignment?

Ofcourse the planets cannot tell date or time. Like us, they do however work in and with energy. For those who require empirical confirmation, science has acknowledged that energetic patterns do repeat and that there are magnetic vortexes and portals. Clearly this does affect us. Historically we are at the culmination of a 5000 and a 26000 year cycle. Momentous enough for me. So keep open and clear. Affirm your own strength. Hold your balance and peace.

Wish you love and serenity, always. M

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