Om Mani Padme Om


The Jewel In the Lotus The power and beauty of the diamond connection of the heart and head.

Last year we experienced the powerful awareness of 11-11-2011; on the 22nd Nov 2012 brought more numerological awareness : 22 combines the spiritual inspirational insights of 11 with the practical mythological nature of the 4 energy.The Master builder is Unlimited yet disciplined, anchoring the archetype into earth in material form, the foundation of this new energy – idealistic, leadership, great confidence, big plans abound and connect now. We move into high frequencies deep into the heart, continuing with the influence on Venus (awareness of needs and underlying motives) which also entered Scorpio on 22/11 to join Mercury still retrograde (encourages introspection, discovering life and soul purpose), searching for deeper meaning of existence. This may be more significant than 12 December 2012.

Mantra of Harmony & Integration directly anchors all levels of enlightenment in the 1000 petalled lotus/crown chakra full awareness & balance.

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Love this, do take the time to watch & listen. M


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