The Wisdom of The Forest : By Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger


forest wisdomAll mysteries when investigated are very simple truths.  They are only mysterious when enveloped in conjecture and shrouded in ignorance. The greatest mysteries seem to be ourselves. What is it in us that creates joy, hate, anxiety, sound, colour, beauty, love and fear? What is the mystery that seems to wrap our lives in pain, fear and insecurity?What makes us not see the forest for the trees? Each tree becomes a fear which we focus on and the forest becomes denser.

So when we concern ourselves with:

Position: we worry about loss of status
Wealth: we worry about hostile competition
Honour: we worry about humiliation
Power: we worry about enemies
Beauty: we worry about old age
Body: we worry about death

Solving these mysteries teaches us the wisdom that lies within the forest .

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