The Enlightened Super Souls: Children’s Yoga Nidra By Jennifer Fitzsimmons


This book is a brief summary for adults, along with the teachings of life, in the language of youngsters, on how to take care of their thoughts and feelings. It includes Yoga Nidra scripts for children as bedtime stories also available in audio.

It describes the subconscious mind and understanding its workings, and how we can gain access to its deep recesses to alter how we see and respond to life. There are specific techniques, words, expressions and symbolic pictures that create feelings, the language of the subconscious, and if woven in an intricate and distinctive way, can conquer stress, relieve anxiety and instill lasting inner peace.

Our world has dramatically changed and children are increasingly bearing the effects of stress. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and fear have crept into their minds and Jennifer has written Yoga Nidra and the Ancient Secrets of Life to assist parents and teachers to build or reinstate strong, balanced minds and calm, healthy and happy emotions in their children – to bring back the joy of being a child.

It will also prove effective in releasing trauma, developing creativity, strengthening   imagination and boosting concentration and thus letting our children live limitless and freely as the creators of a new generation.

Now available on Amazon, Takealot and via our website .

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