The Call: All Are One Now


we are oneWe are water,  We are air,  We are fire,  We are earth,  We are spirit.

Known in each reflection, vision of life, In the call sounding.

All one now. Hear us.

We are water; Life blood of consciousness; Ebb and flow of tides; Known in the beat of pulse; Rhythm of life; In hearts residing

All one now

Hear us; We are air; Composer of winds; Intake of breath; Known in the stillness; Melody of life; In voices uniting

All one now

Hear us; We are fire; Community center; Alchemical marriage; Known in the light; Essence of life; In passion transforming

All one now

Hear us; We are earth; Nature’s gifts; Abundance realized; Known in Gaia’s embrace; Container of life; In harmony manifesting

All one now

Hear us; We are Spirit; Intention revealed; Vibration sounded; Known in this perfection; Source of life; In symphony evolving

All one now

Hear us; We are water; We are air; We are fire; We are earth; We are Spirit; Known in each reflection; Vision of life; In the call sounding

All one now.

The Call, Kate DeChard, June 2005, with gratitude

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