Surrender in Savasana……


Surrender to the present moment.In this moment, in this place, you are safe.There is no danger here: no need for fight, no need for flight. So slow your breathing…Relax your muscles…You can rest now.

Surrender yourself to the space around you,
to the mat beneath your body,
to the ground beneath your mat.
Cease fighting. Lay down your arms.
Literally lay down your arms.
Embrace the liberation and peace that is found in renouncing the struggle.

Surrender takes practice. This is not easy work.

Surrender takes courage. This is not giving up.

Surrender takes strength. This is not a sign of weakness.

Surrender to whatever arises. Stop trying to prevent it or control it.

This is what is. Do not resist. Allow it to move into the light.

Slow down. Allow your mind’s clamouring agitations to melt away.

Focus on being.

Stop striving, stop doing. Simply be.

Stop fixing, stop solving. Simply be.

Stop ruminating, stop catastrophising. Simply be.

Let go of all expectations, internal and external.

Descend through the layers of tension.

Rest in the release.

Descend into that healing death that is Corpse Pose, when all is still, when all strivings cease.

Rest in the release.

Surrender to the flow of life. Yield to it. Do not oppose it.

Now is the time to experience the flow of life.

Now is the only time we have.

Accept the present moment precisely as it is:

No agenda, no objective, no judgement.

Relinquish internal resistance to what is.

This is what is. Everything is for a season. This too will pass.

Surrender the strain of forcing the outcome.

Surrender control of what is to come.

Be prepared to accept whatever outcome arises.

Be prepared to hold loosely.

Be prepared to journey without attachment to the destination,

For what will be will be.

Surrender to a wisdom, so simple yet profound:

You are alive. You are safe. You are held.

Submit to the Source of all life.

Trust in the Source of all light.

Devote your life to the Source of all love.

Written by Helen Redfern and published on the 21st March 2019,  

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