Is Peace Even Possible?…….


Meditation: Focus on the pause between stimulus and response

I know I am preaching to the already converted, this is a reminder…… use a snippet in your classes. Doctors recommended yoga to those who want to kick, not only punch a punching bag. Usually, we never see them again after first class. It takes dedication to meditate. The benefits of the practice, are many.

Stress and sanity:An increasing number of people face anxiety, grief, and depression. As a collective, we have the opportunity to embrace, integrate, step back; we change perspective and create new pathways to raise awareness and remove stigmas surrounding mental health challenges.

Meditation embraces the need for inner rest to enhance resilience.

Meditation tames and even reverses the fight, flight, freeze or fawn response by acknowledging our physical mental physiology. We understand our primal instincts and fears that trigger the metabolic cascade of negative over-reaction.

Meditation initiates a conscious mind state reset that in turn enables healing, better sleeping, stronger focus, memory and functionality. That ability to hold hope irrespective of the harsh realities of life.

Meditation calms the amygdala and habitual behavioural patterns so that we can self-regulate on emotional, nervous system and intellectual levels.

Meditation can be inspirational. Enhanced breathing awareness and visualisation encourages innovate creativity. Critical, repetitive self talk is diminished. So confidence and self esteem grows individuality and social connectivity.

Meditation provides more head space, clarity of thought, mindfulness, joy and compassion.

Meditation is the foundation of spiritual evolution.

Equipoise: The balance required to dance through life.

Always honour yourself and your needs. You are not alone, reach out for professional help when necessary. Dance, sing, listen to music, express yourself honestly, enjoy nature, journal gratitude and pain, use as many modalities as you have available, use only one technique…. It must suit you to be sustainable.

1.Find a quiet environment, temperature control, sitting or supine.

2. The easiest, always available  Anchor to still the mind is Pranayama. Come back to the breath anytime the mind wanders, stay awake and alert, particularly if supine.

3. Let it start with you. Remember self-kindness and self compassion together with collective humanity. Think of something that gives you happiness, freedom, spaciousness.Feel the emotion. Experience it fully, include all levels of your being.

4. Look at the Big Picture, the Commonalities … very often the problems are less daunting than we imagined. Expand the above loving feeling to any or everyone/thing.

5. Remember impermanence.

Repeat any affirmation that you love:

May you be happy,
May you be peaceful,
May you know that your life is a gift


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