Shatkarma Purification


” Hatha Yoga Shatkarmas (cleansing techniques) open the door to the immense treasure of energy that remains dormant within each human being”.

Indigestion is  a deeper problem than most of us realize. Problems sprout and grow in the digestive tract and spread from there into other body systems. Anger, tension, depression, frustration, lower our functional efficiency level. Swami Satyananda stresses that, in the 21st century, poor digestion is caused by stresses and bad living and eating habits. Hatha Yoga Shatkarmas Purification holds importance especially to beginners whose bodies are stiff and blocked. They are then introduced to  the Pawanmuktasanas (series of unblocking the pranic energy) & Yoga Nidra (state of inner awareness combined with complete relaxation – Shavasana. The body may sleep but the mind is totally aware and awake.

This is taught in a slow, steady and systematic process), respectively for 3 months which has been compiled and designed by Paramahamsa Satyananda which is what makes Satyananda Yoga unique. This also includes Water Cleansing (Laghoo, Kunjal & Jala Neti) as well as Trataka(candle gazing). The purification initiates a complete reversal in the disease process and to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in the body creating a holistic detoxification on all levels. This is taught at the school under the expert guidance and auspices of Swami Kamalavidya Saraswati.

We can start to really live yoga from moment to moment and open ourselves to, and get excited about the energy that one experiences, that is released through the yogic purification practices. It is so exciting to get in touch with yourself and experience your own transformation through the unblocking of energy, enabling you to feel the expansion of your own consciousness. After three months you will be guided into the progressive beginners yoga for the rest of the year.

Paramahamsa Satyananda’s inspirational words are: “To achieve anything in yoga you must start with the basics and diet, food are amongst the essential aspects of our survival. Cleansing enables us to become fully aware of the unconscious aspects of digestion. This is a part of awakening the Manipura Chakra and results in an incredible injection of power, vitality and dynamism into our lives. The solar plexus also known as Manipura Chakra is the centre of energy and physical health.”

Reference: The Practices of Yoga for The Digestive System by Swami Satyananda Saraswati


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