Protection: What do you think?


Trusting yourself and the universe versus fear based protection.We all protect ourselves, in various ways, from being hurt – some use physical weight as body armour, or buy personal alarms, pepper spray, and security devices, while others withdraw into a protective mental or emotional shell, or use white light to surround themselves. But all this ‘protection’ is no protection at all – in fact, it harms more than it keeps you safe.It all involves a closing off or closing down of yourself and, while it may seem to block the bad things from happening (it doesn’t but more on that later), it also blocks off the good Universal energy that is trying to reach you. You also repel anyone who might want to get close to you in a good way. When you set up a shield that says “This is to keep everyone who might want to hurt me again away” you are sending out a message to all people because we all ‘hurt’ each other in some way, intentionally or not. It’s how we learn, so you are in fact blocking out some of the most important lessons and people in life. It’s far better to develop the strength to cope with whatever comes your way. Trust in yourself and your own courage and endurance.

Also every protective measure you employ comes from the fear that you will be attacked again, thus setting in place the means to attract what you fear. Putting protection around yourself is saying to the Universe – “OK, if/when the next attack comes, I will be shielded” – thus you set up an expectation of attack that is sure to manifest because our thoughts create our reality.

Now New Age thought has been allowed to believe that white light is a good way of protecting yourself psychically. It was allowed while we were going through a particularly fearful time. But it was more a placebo to make us feel better. We are stronger now and no longer need the illusion of protection. Any barrier you raise or shield you put in place is based on fear and our fears will always be tested and challenged by attracting what we fear to us.

A better ‘protection’ is forgiveness. If you can forgive your attacker, then there is no energy of retaliation created, there is no cord of pain or fear or anger or desire for revenge forged between you and the person who hurt you. In short, they lose any power they have over you. The connection – that can only be strengthened by fear – is broken. Plus, you open yourself up to Universal bliss and blessings rather than close yourself off as you do with any type of ‘protection’.

Even empaths don’t need to close themselves off from feeling other’s emotions and thoughts – try instead to open your heart to those around you. Feel their pain but don’t hold onto it – let it pass through you and away. Love is the strongest and best protection there is. You will find the energy of love can overcome any sort of attack or intrusion on your personal space. And it makes you feel so much better than the fear that is locked in with you by your shields and bubbles.

So I invite you all to throw off those suits of armour and stand free to feel the light of the Universe warming your soul – with nothing at all standing between you and receiving.

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