Numerolgy countdown to 2010


The grace and charm of a 3 Universal year like 2010 can be either a gift or a pitfall — this year it will undoubtedly be both, alternating at wildly fun to unpredictable moments as numerology and astrology interact to create a high-octane potboiler. Calculate your Life Number …..

We are pushed to transform the structures and beliefs we most fear to change by the continued challenging interaction of astrological heavyweights Pluto versus Saturn and Neptune versus Chiron, with expansive Jupiter stepping in to intensify the conflicts at key moments. Then, when Chinese New Year ushers in the additional drama and intensity of the Year of the Metal Tiger on February 14th, the brew of explosive energies will probably reach a boil.

3 wants to be warm, gracious, creative and lighthearted. While people with 3 in their numerology can be very socially conscious, the pure essence of 3 does NOT want to deal with economic hardship, health care reform, terrorism or global warming … and yet 3 has just the gifts needed to take the optimistic, humanitarian visions of 2009 and package and market them so they’re pretty much irresistible to everyone – conservatives, liberals, militants, pacifists, ecologists, international corporations, competing national interests and religions, and Joe Citizen caught in the middle.

All of us will accomplish more, and get more enjoyment out of this 3 Universal year, if we operate with two apparently opposing principles: “We are the world.” And “Lighten up!” The combination of humanitarian sensibilities and sociable, extroverted charm are the keys to this year’s opportunities.

Learn about your opportunities in 2010, calculate your Destiny/Power/Life Path Number by adding the month, day and year of your birth. For example, August 6, 1952 = 8+6+1952 = 1966 = 22/4 (2+2=4). Here’s a thumbnail of how each of you can avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of this 3 year:

1 – You have the drive and ingenuity to get 3’s enticing ideas out to the world; then hire a 4 or 8 to keep those great ideas turning a profit for the next several decades.

2 – After your intense, inner-directed experiences of the past year you may have a little trouble keeping up with 3’s busy, extravagant spirit. But your job is to provide diplomatic glue that gets 3’s ideas to stick.

3 – The lure of the limelight may initially blind you to the needs of family, community and society, but once you realize that your service to them is an opportunity to shine as you never have before, you’re invincible!

4 – Early in the year it may feel like a very bumpy ride to someone who enjoys order as much as you do; but if you buckle up and stay on board you’ll find you’ve made a lot of progress by year’s end.

5 – You and your 3 friends and coworkers can either distract or empower each other with your mutual love of excitement and persuasive communication. Your best bet is to partner for maximum achievement.

6 – You are this year’s secret weapon! Your ability to create harmony and stabilize 3’s social genius allows you to help actualize ideals hatched in 2008 and 2009.

7 – You may have to be firm in protecting your privacy, but your clear, uncluttered intellect, coupled with communication skills to rival any 3, will make you invaluable to people who want to get things done.

8 – If you can put up with erratic schedules and (in your view) a 3 year’s tendency to have too many convivial coffee breaks, this 3 year will provide plenty of fuel for your drive to succeed.

9 – Your think-globally-act-locally values are the bridge between 3’s social and creative gifts and the universal tasks which this year’s astrology mandates. You are the coupling that unifies them.

11 – You’ll feel right at home with and creatively energized by the artistic self expression that is 3’s hallmark; get 1, 3 or 9 to help you make the most of your inspirations.

22 – If anyone can get the world to sit up, take notice of (and vote for!) 3’s ingenious presentation of social and economic visions and solutions, it’s you. Go for it!

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