Nepal Somayagya and 108 Mahayagyas for World Peace


It might seem like a far away dream to perform 108 Somayagyas around the world in the nations and areas that are under the harshest suffering but we would like to walk with you our dear friends and supporters on the beginning of this long and ambitious journey and ask simply for your prayers of support and to share with us our prayer for all mankind that this world may walk in peace and truth only. Mahayagyas were done in Vedic times for just this reason and modern science is now catching up with the science of the Rishis to show the countless benefits to perform these ancient rites. So it is here with much jubilation we wish to announce to the world the dates of our 2nd Somayagya in this series of 108 and the location. We wish to also extend our invitation to all out there that you may attend. All are welcome. If you have not visited the Himalayas yet, this is the time.

Date: November 6-11 November 2011
Location: Panauti, Nepal

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