1 Oct is Vegetarian Day


Nothing new for many of us!

Try Taste Café  selection of deliciously substantial vegetarian pestos, quiches, pâtés, hummus, tapas, breads and cheeses to convince your friends and family that one day out of their week isn’t such a bad idea to go vegetarian. To inspire us, they have developed this lovely vegetarian, high-protein veggie meal of Baked Butternut Salad.


Enough for 4-6 people

1kg Butternut Diced

125ml Olive Oil

8-12 Garlic Cloves

200g Danish Feta cut in dices or roughly broken

1 medium Purple Onion finely sliced

1 Pack of long stem Broccoli

250ml Balsamic Vinegar

10ml Caraway Seeds

Few sprigs of fresh thyme


· Bake butternut, garlic cloves whole with their skins on in olive oil in oven at 180°C until tender, i.e. ± 30-40 minutes depending on your oven.

· Allow to cool down, pick out the whole garlic cloves and set aside. Do not peel them.

· Once cooled down, mix in the feta, sliced onion, caraway seeds and thyme and set aside.

· Steam the broccoli until tender.

· Reduce balsamic vinegar by 50% or until a thick syrup.

. To assemble, divide the broccoli stems between your plates. Top with the butternut mix, add at least two to three garlic cloves (that lots!) Top with butternut mix add at least two to three cloves of garlic per plate and drizzle with the balsamic reduction and serve with crusty country bread.

Enjoy! For more info contact Willie Cloete 083 730 8344 or: williec@wol.co.za


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