My Journey of Healing Through Yoga, by Denise Suttie


densie suttie profileI have always been active and enjoyed the outdoors. However that almost ended when I was involved in a near-fatal car accident while on holiday resulting in a broken neck.  I was in and out of hospitable and had to undergo intensive physiotherapy. I tried various treatments all of which resulted in varying degrees of improvement.

My life changed for the better when I met an amazing Yoga Teacher, Lorunna Janse Van Vuuren, who set me on the path I am now following.

At the time I had a stressful job as a Human Resource Manager for a large company. While I initially did yoga for physical healing it also helped me address the stress which came with my position and as the years went by it became my way of life.

I read a lot about the discipline and its esoteric and healing aspects resonated with me. I began realising what the long hours and pressures to excel at work were doing to my body.

The more I embraced this new balanced way of life, the more I realised the sacrifices I’d made to advance my career weren’t worth it. After nine years of studying and practicing yoga, I qualified as an Integral Yoga teacher and left the corporate environment to open a small studio near my home.

Letting go of the comforts and financial independence which came with my position wasn’t easy, but I decided to surrender, live in the moment, be there for my family and friends and help others to find balance in their lives.

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