Meditation: Into the Forest of Possibility We Go…..


“In the woods we return to reason and faith”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

To begin, close your eyes and take a few slow breaths. Connect with the subtle energy that runs up your spine with each inhalation. If you like, invite any loving presence to support you.Allow thoughts to pass by without giving them meaning, keeping your attention on your breathing.

As you begin to settle, sense your energy shifting into your heart center. Allow this feeling of increasing warmth to radiate like a ball of sunshine, expanding slowly outward to encompass your body and the space all around you, filling you with a brilliant peace.

Within your mind visualize your feet upon a path under a canopy of trees. Luminous rays beam through the branches and the wind rustles the leaves. Feel the muted sunshine warming your face and bare feet.

As you begin to walk down the path into your magical forest, where everything is possible, sense the pure freedom of your innermost being, the sovereign and truest part of you that can never be limited by anything, anyone or any circumstance outside of yourself. You may like to say aloud, “I am a free and sovereign being.”

Supported by the ground below your feet and the pure air around your body, allow these words to sink in. Take as much time as you need to feel you are a free and sovereign being. Take a few slow breaths, inhaling freedom and exhaling any remnants of the illusion of limitation.

As feelings of being blocked from living your life with passion and freedom dissipate, say aloud or to yourself, “I clearly see fresh possibilities surrounding me.” Let that declaration rise up through you and then gently just let it be.Add any other intention you may feel, anything you would like to get from your time in the magical forest within. Holding your intention in your heart, feel that you are supported completely.

Notice the space around you. You are made from the same substance that forms the stars and planets. You notice perfect geometry, stunning colors and light expanding in every direction.Notice the life all around you as you walk further into the magical forest. Go as far as you like.

In the near distance, you see a magnificent tree standing over a bed of the softest green moss. A vertical pillar of light from above moves down through and around this tree that seems to beckon you. You sit down on the moss making yourself perfectly comfortable. The same golden ray of diamond light descends over the tree, pours down through the crown of your head, through your spine, and continues down into the depths of the Earth below. As you breathe in and out you feel the return of the life-renewing light beam coming up through the base of your spine, all the way through the crown of your head and back up into the Cosmos.

Do you notice anything else around you? What do you see? Are there any animal friends or nature spirits with you?

Take your time.

In this space of total openness, just breathe easily and notice if anything occurs to you as you hold your intention softly.

Stay in this state of ease and security for as long as you like.

As you are ready, slowly let your awareness start to return to your physical body. Take your time as you notice sensations in your fingers and toes, hands and feet and other parts of your body. When you are ready, gently open your eyes.

You are now fully connected to your own physical body and have activated your own unique portal to the heart of Mother Earth, where you are free to explore and replenish yourself as often as your wish; to connect to your creative inspirations or just be in an atmosphere of resplendent love.

If it feels natural, you can put your palms together in the namaste prayer position and give thanks to your own higher self for guiding you through this journey within. Or simply place your hand on your heart.

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