Integral School of Hatha Yoga, Tantric Arts and Ayurveda


Ishta : target, aim or final goal – the ultimate unity, our life purpose.

As individuals, each with our own “fingerprint” we turn within to find the ideal, the sanskrit word is Ishta, by understanding the similarities or oneness of mankind, rather than the differences or separateness. We dissolve layers of conditioning and illusion to find joy, love & peace with an integrated system of Techniques. These techniques are: – The science of rhythm, breath, life force, sound, colour, form and nutrition. They are in tune with universal laws that are ancient and traditional yet individual in their application so that anyone in any lifestyle or level of being, can benefit by them.

Founder in 1966 of Ishta, Yoga Teachers’ Fellowship and Complete Yoga Magazine:

Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger

Lineage: Initiated by Swami Sivananda as Swami Yogeswarananda (Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, Rishikesh, India), Tantric Initiation by H.H. Kavi Yogiraj Bharati, Swami Shuddhananda of Madras, Kriyaban by Paramahansa Yogananda in Los Angeles and blessed as a child in SA, by Mahatma Ghandi . He was Honorary President of the United Nations of Yoga World Organisation in 1973. Ishta schools in New York, Los Angeles, West Germany, Australia and South Africa.

I was introduced to yoga as a teenager, by Mani’s daughter Lisa, with whom I was at school. Over the years, my appreciation of the wholeness of yoga has grown to include many healing therapies based on the conscious movement of prana. We teach the Ishta system so that it can become a lifestyle where we naturally make harmonious  choices to sustain ourselves and uplift humanity while incurring the least possible harm to nature.

Sannyasin Prem Bindu Madevasaya.

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