Healing The Feeling Of Being Unsafe, Ungrounded, Or Insecure……


Feeling unsafe, ungrounded, and insecure in the world is, more often than not, linked to imbalances of the first chakra: the root chakra, or Muladhara chakra. If your root chakra is balanced, you’ll feel safe and secure, connected, grounded and supported.

If your root chakra needs a bit of love, there are compassionate ways to give it. For example, the tree pose is a great pose for the root chakra. Spend a little time in tree pose each day, and as you do, visualize that your foot has deep roots, grounding you into Mother Earth.

Malasana, the deep squatting pose is another good one to get you grounded and balance Muladhara chakra. “Lam” is the seed mantra for the root chakra. Chant “lam” over and over again in meditation. You can also visualize the color red as you chant. Red is the color of the root chakra.- Aimee Hughes, Sivana East.com


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