The Spiritual Wisdom and Meaning Of Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)


The Earth nourishes a tree. A tree is deep-rooted in Earth. Your Self nourishes you. Are you deep rooted in Self?

For nothing  in return a tree gives flowers, fruits wood and shade. For nothing in return do you reach out to the needy, to their aid?

Alone or together a tree stands silent. Alone or together are you silent?

Leaves, flowers, and fruits a tree loses it all. Still, bare it stands proud and tall. Do you
when you lose or fall?

If you answered ‘yes’ even to just one, you would make Patanjali proud. You have a yogi manah (mind).

The traditional asanas are not just physical postures. Each asana also represents beautiful and practical spiritual wisdom. Living that wisdom is the truly advanced practice of asanas. Without it, any practice on the yoga mat, however advanced it may be, remains basic.

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