Dancing in the Light of the Moon: Lunar Harmony


moon meditation20th/21st August: Aquarius Blue Full Moon has an extra bit of creative magic with the Sun in Leo. Blue Moon is the second Full Moon occurring in the same solar month, today it is at 28 degrees of Aquarius. (The next such moon will be June 2016.) With this lunar energy, we continue to experience the healing Grand Trine energy in Water, which began on July 19th, 2013. This configuration is a golden triangle with Saturn, the Nodes of Destiny, Chiron, Neptune, and Black moon Lilith. It is strong manifestation energy for what you love, and equally strong release for what you need to purge. The water energy is emotional; still waters run deep to heal and shed.  This activates the energy of one of the four ancient Persian Royal Stars, considered to be sentinels of humanity’s evolution. The Leo Sun this full Moon is on the royal star, Regulus, located at the Lion’s Heart. When the Sun is on Regulus, it bestows power, authority and honour to those worthy of them. So let us be worthy to take on our own authority in the world. A potent time to follow our hearts to create new pathways. There is a simultaneous shedding and emerging as we focus to ground our visions into form. Let us trust our inner knowing to allow profound activation and dance with  the changes. As we complete the lunar process, we acknowledge ourselves, unhook from and heal the neglected, denied, sad aspects (the North Node in Scorpio wants the hard cold facts of the matter offered up in full awareness, no vagueness or confusion). What contribution do we make, are we willing to take responsibility….The light shine shines upon each one of us equally, knowing that within every individual lies the possibility of change and growth, no matter who, where or what we are, what we have done or what we believe. So see the potential: this is a golden opportunity to energise and realise whatever choice brings love, joy and peace.

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