Self Acceptance……


It is said that if life hands you something of value like lemons, you should then create what is possible from that given value, like by making lemonade. You can’t go and make orange juice if you are handed lemons. Your ability to make use of your strengths is that you have a certain set structure your body and mind have adapted to, and it makes no sense to try to parrot someone else who is successful. Perhaps, they are making orange juice with the oranges life gave them, and you are trying to make orange juice from the lemons life gave you.
If your mind is one that brainstorms well when you are pacing around, listening to classical music, and eating a sandwich; that is your given.  Another person may learn and process best when by sitting in silent meditation for 2 hours. It is worth trying if you are so inclined, but copying the pattern of another person, if it is not fitting for you, will be deleterious to your productivity. By the same token, don’t expect others to work according to your behaviours.
If your patterns continue to be unrewarding, then change, adapt, adjust.
Unless you look at, understand and know or accept yourself, there can be no evolution. Know your patterns, perspectives, Your self and your Essence.


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