We honour the life of Sam Busa


On behalf of the Yoga Teachers’ Fellowship, I wish to express our deepest sympathies for the passing of Sam Busa, this morning, Tuesday 19 January 2010. He died peacefully at Hospice Houghton, surrounded by his loved ones. To his immediate family and long term students, condolences; we share in your loss.

We are grateful for Sam’s generosity and pioneering spirit. His strength and wisdom in the early years helped create the foundation of Yoga in South Africa. We honour and acknowledge Sam’s awareness in a healthy lifestyle, which he cosciously spread  through his teachings and guidance in his trademark Sam Busa Health Centre, from Hillbrow to the Michaelangelo Hotel. May he rest in peace.The Yoga Way (excerpt from Hatha Yoga Simplified : Sam Bus was Associate Editor and Editorial Consultant 1970, Issue No 3; 50c)

1. Be strong, don’t let anybody disturb you peace of mind.

2. Don’t belittle your friends (or pupils)

3. Be positive: talk Health, Happiness, Prosperity to all

4. Be enthusiastic of the success of others, the same as you are of your own.

5. Be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and let your happiness not permit trouble.

6. Think well of yourself, not in boastful words, but in noble deeds.

7. Have faith that the whole world is on your side – it will be as long as you are sincere in yourself.

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7 thoughts on “We honour the life of Sam Busa

  1. We are fortunate that such wise teachers touched our life at such a young age and that yoga has stayed with us for the rest of our life!
    Love always, Marina

  2. I remember Sam well. Him, his ex-wife and daughter were all clients of mine while I was still doing hairdressing in Johannesburg. They were always so lovely and the nicest of people. Sam in particular was such a wonderful man-he was already quite old at that stage although he did not look it. I am sorry to hear of his passing but he lived a long and fruitful life. May he rest in peace

  3. We Knew Sam Busa very well my father Klaas Toli used to work at his health centre in Kotze street in Hilbrow. My father is 86 years old now and he would like to meet sam busa daughter, Cecil or their families.

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