Unfold Your Body Naturally With The Bowspring Method……


The Bowspring method is an enervating postural template that can be applied to any yoga pose, athletic movement or functional posture for optimal performance. It is a relatively new (ten years now) and revolutionary way of consciously working with the natural curves of the body to improve balance, enhance strength, flexibility and a sense of lightness. Since it positively affects the nervous system and the circulatory system, a student can expect to see better mental focus, emotional clarity and a reduction in stress with regular practice.

It is a practice that is designed to counter postural tendencies which exacerbate muscular imbalance, such as locking the knees, tucking the pelvis, rounding the spine and collapsing the chest. Instead the Bowspring alignment recognizes that the body is a curvy, fluid form instead of a solid compressive structure that needs to be stacked in a straight line with gravity, and when we practice the Bowspring with its double-S curve on the back of the body, any position becomes one of readiness, springy, and light.

Instead of encouraging positions of deep flexibility, the Bowspring focuses on balanced forms, in which one part of one side of the body is not overworking or overstretching. Taking into account what we now know of connective tissue and fascia, the unfolding of the body that is natural to the Bowspring leads to increased confidence and whole body awareness.

The Bowspring is suitable for anyone that wants to improve their health, well-being and everyday posture; yogis and non-yogis alike.

I first came across the Bowspring at a workshop in Los Angeles in 2013. As a yoga instructor, I was drawn to spending a weekend learning from such renowned, experienced yogis as John Friend and Desi Springer. To my surprise they were introducing a radical new way of practicing which had us releasing our joints and letting go in a practice that was quite revolutionary to me as a lifelong, committed Hatha Yogi. I remember when my son came to pick me up after the first session when he asked me how it went, my reply was, “I’m not sure, but I feel really very good.”  That hasn’t changed, each time I get onto my mat to practice, to share this alignment, which I have done with very many students now, there is a tremendous sense of freedom and present moment awareness which to me is the essence of yoga.

I would love to share this experience with you. I offer online and in person classes, workshops and retreats. If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact me on 082 872 4402, email: chorsburgh76@gmail.com

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