The Universe Within You…..


“The world is within you, not you in the world. As you move along the path of awareness, you will discover the universal Self, who is you and infinitely more. Your personal body is a part in which the whole is wonderfully reflected. Remember that you also have a universal body. You see and experience it all the time. Only you call it “the world”. It is your mind that separates the world outside your skin from the incredible world inside. It is your mind that puts the inner and outer worlds in opposition.
Your body is full of mystery, but what you may not know is that the entire universe is your body. All of creation lies in your universal body. Don’t be blinded by the personal aspects of your body so that you ignore the universal. When all of your illusions are understood and abandoned, you will reach a perfect state of being in which there are no errors, and all distinctions between personal and universal evaporate”

Excerpt taken from Already Home by Gay Hendricks and Phillip Johncock

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