The Radiance of Your Spirit……


Ang Sang Wahe Guru, “Spirit is within every cell and fiber of my being.” 

The word Spirit is often described in yoga as the Breath of Life. The Holy Spirit, the breath, is what sustains, fills, strengthens and protects us. So a strong pranayama practice is essential! Pranayama is the fourth limb of yoga which emphasizes various breathing techniques and connects the practitioner with the air element. Every asanaor yoga posture, is an opportunity to meditate and become one with Spirit. In Kundalini Yoga, every Kriya, or yoga set, is an occasion to reach my Sat Nam. My Highest Self. My True Identity. My Spirit.

One teaching, which can be found at the touch of a button, is called, ‘Call on the Spirit of Mother Earth’. This is how it is practiced:

Tune In: Repeat “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” three times.

Posture: Sit in easy pose with a straight spine and apply a light neck lock. Raise the arms out to your sides up 60 degrees from horizontal, elbows and wrists straight, fingers closed, thumbs separate and relaxed, and palms up.

Focus: Heart Center.

Visualization: Imagine a flame at the Heart Center.

Breath: Long, slow, deep conscious breaths in and out through the nose, equal parts inhale and exhale.

Time: 3 minutes

To End: Stay in the posture. Inhale deeply and pause with a prayer for the loftiness of Creator Mother Earth and peace. Hold for 15 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deeply. Feel in your heart the blessing of the Divine Mother. Hold for 15 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deeply. Feel the taste of the sweetness of life. Hold for 15 seconds. Exhale. Relax.

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