“If there is one fragment of my being that I haven’t accepted or forgiven, I will find that  fragment in you.

You will mirror, precisely, that part of me that needs my love and attention the most.

”Love each other as I have Loved thee”.

In loving all parts of you No Matter What, I am whole and healed. 

In loving all parts of me, I  see nothing in you but the purity and innocence that I am,

that WE are.“Mirroring”

I cannot be better than you,you cannot be worse than me…
ego dies and we are free.

Beautiful child, Perfect Being, Let me share what I am seeing.

Mirroring Spirit’s sacred song, above the field of right and wrong.
Inseparable, our hearts as one, sharing breath and sacred Sun.

The choice is ours, transcend perception, Owning you as my reflection.

Layers of pale perception pealed, a view of a “you” and a “me” is healed.

Spinning cells are merged in motion, droplets in the same vast ocean.

Barriers broken, borders gone, our simple souls sing one grand song.

Symphonic triumph, our notes get clearer,

Honoring you as my own mirror.” – Mark Roske


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