Lunar eclipse in Aquarius


From eve of the 5th to 6th  August 2009  early morning, sun rays will be blocked from reaching our Aquarius full moon, by the earth and its shadow. The science of astronomy tells us about celestial placements and orbital paths. Astronomy delves into the esoteric aspect and how it affects our energetic and emotional fields.

No need to feel like a lunatic, yet it is a good time to refine our energy and remove any stuck, conflicting inner turmoil, or negative energy. Particularly during this Leo solar period, we are inclined to be generous, humanitarian, creative in an inuitive manner – hence Womans’ day and month. It is a time of personal transformation, an uplifting awareness that puts us more in touch with the universal, bigger picture. So as always, lets clear out the clutter, make greener choices, make space for new good things to come back into our space.

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