June Full Moon, Eclipse & Loving Venus


Radiate coherent love, care and compassion  to dissipate clouds of energetic density, (think of sunlight breaking through on a cloudy day) to comfort the heart and facilitate quicker adjustments to stress, shock, emotional disarray or any kind of trauma. This is one of the highest forms of service we can do for the people, the planet and ourselves. Current global stressors: the massacre of civilians in Syria, earthquakes in Italy, the ongoing Fukushima nuclear threat, let your heart’s intuition guide you.

This expansive Sagittarius Full Moon, shadowed by a lunar eclipse makes it crucial to shed the emotional burdens we have accumulated to make room for new people, activities, and ways of thinking, so we can move forward with confidence. With the huge releasing of light and love onto the planet, “super moon” and annular solar eclipse in May, this full moon with its eclipse and Venus transiting the sun 5/6 June, it is our individual responsibility to integrate and anchor this energy into the collective consciousness field. Just being in the state of heart-coherence or radiating heart-coherence helps to integrate the divine love and facilitation from Universal Source.


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