Integration of Yoga and Ayurveda- Samyama 300hr Teacher Training Johannesburg


Inner Wellness Studio invites you to fully embrace Yoga as a technology for holistic living. This course is a comprehensive study and practice of Yoga. This course will give you a profound experience of Yoga that will transform your body and mind. On completion of the course you will be qualified and certified to teach Yoga. Your teaching credentials will be recognised internationally with Yoga Alliance.

The 300hr program serves to present an integrated study and practice of Hatha Yoga (through the study of Light on Yoga, and other key texts), Patanjali’s yoga, Kundalini Tantra and Ayurveda to facilitate the transformation and evolution of the student in a holsitic way. This program serves to inspire complete development in your lifestyle, teaching style and classes.

Those new to Yoga will be immersed and established in the progressive understanding and supportive practice of Yoga.

Existing Yoga practitioners will learn Yoga essentials to deepen and refine their Yoga practice, that cannot be fully explored in Yoga classes.

Qualified teachers will enrich their existing Yoga practice and knowledge to gain more knowledge and tools as a teacher. As a 200hr certified teacher, on completion of the 300hr program, you will qualify for the 500hr designation with Yoga Alliance.

For the full details of the upcoming 300hr TTC in Johannesburg follow this link:


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