Incorporating Asteya Into Your Yoga Practice….


Each Yama and Niyama has poses (asanas) and hand gestures or shapes (mudras) associated with it as well as a mantra (sanskrit phrases or prayers). Try practicing the pose or the mudra while thinking about Asteya or while repeating or chanting the mantra.

Warrior 3 is the pose linked to Asteya. From crescent lunge, shift your weight into your front leg and launch into Warrior 3. Root down into your standing leg and allow your extended back leg to soar toward parallel with the earth. Arms can be outstretched in Hasta Mudra  or spread like wings parallel with the floor. Feel the stability and strength in your lower body; press back through the heel of the lifted, extended leg and extend through the crown of your head, sending energy out in both directions.  

Hasta  mudra is associated with Asteya. Reach your arms out in front of you and radiate your palms open toward the sky. Create a gentle bowl with your palms touching pinkie side to pinkie side. Let this be an offering of giving and receiving; keep your heart and mind open as you give and receive, inhale and exhale. Release your fear of not having enough.

The mantra linked with Asteya is “Om shrim lakshmiyei namaha.” As you repeat this mantra, tap into the power of Lakshmi, the goddess of light and abundance. Like Lakshmi, if you believe you have all you need, you won’t need to take it from someone else. Repeat this mantra while holding Warrior 3, while practicing Hasta mudra, or when you find yourself in an environment where the temptation to “take” arises. Explore Asteya in mind, body, spirit and see where it takes you.

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