Good holidays habits


chakras1. Start your day with a green shake:  Choose a combination of seasonal greens like spinach, kale celery, add clean protein powder, 10 ice cubes,1 tablespoon virgin olive or MCT oil, and fruit/fiber eg. apple. Sets the metabolic tone for the day while providing immune system resilience so that you can bounce back when you party like a rockstar.

2. Stay mobile. Continue your sadhana: do a forward bend, a few sun salutations, a back bend (like bridge), and a twist before it gets too hot. Roll out a yoga mat while watching a movie on TV. Walk, swim, climb, enjoy kids, have fun, be happy.

3. De-stress with Meditation. I get up early in the morning, before the family, make a cup of green tea or green juice, do a loving kindness or grounding meditation for 10-15 minutes, a few simple asana moves and start the day. A guided visualisation make it easy to quieten the mind. Listening and being aware of the attunement and integration process keeps me centered during the activity of the day. I love and need meditation even more during hols. Some US Sites recommend Insight Timer; the search “free app Insight Timer” on the smart phone. They have free guided visualizations (more than 700) that range from just a few minutes to 30 to 60. I do find voice & accents distracting, however few I have listened to are good. Better still, record your own favourite meditation on your smartphone.

Hari Om and Happy holidays! M

Inspiration from: Sara, thank you.

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