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My name is Jo from Yoga Jo and due to the covid-19 epidemic I had to get a little creative with my yoga studio. I am passionate about yoga! So I wish to also encourage other teachers to get creative too! I have a yoga studio in Kensington Johannesburg on the border of Bedfordview. My studio was doing extremely well before the lockdown began. Instead of letting it get me down I immediately started a YouTube channel and it has grown, however this did not bring in any revenue. It did help a lot of people from feeling the misery and I got a lot of gratitude for it.

I am still uploading a different theme every week. I upload a theme with ‘DAY 1’ this is easy (I recommend this for everyone, and it should be done at least twice), then same theme has ‘DAY 2’ for intermediate (you should be able to do this after repeating ‘DAY 1’ twice or more). I follow this with ‘DAY 3’ for advanced (optional for some). I also upload meditation to the theme. Plus I have kids yoga for the little ones.

 I have now started with Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm for R100. All you do if you are interested is WhatsApp me, make payment and I send you the link. PLUS I am now doing Facebook live on Saturdays at 9 – 10am.

I am doing everything for donations. I would really appreciate if you can share my details and most importantly subscribe and follow me on YouTube as once I hit 1000 subscribers they start to pay you. This is my link: www.youtube.com/c/JolenePalmer.

Please if you want any assistance in setting up any online platforms feel free to contact me for advice on 0741 565 363. I have attached Mays schedule with all my relevant details.

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