Full Moon in Virgo: 8 March


MoonThe analytical, discriminatory (even critical) Virgo Full Moon encourages practicality, tensely opposing the imaginative Pisces Sun. It is further complicated by rational Mercury’s recent conjunction with wild Uranus, prompting spontaneity. Our dreams may be running wild, so it is smart to pause, breathe and act with caution.

A “Virgo moment”  could be getting stuck on a detail you can’t abandon, compelled to argue small points with somebody who is as stuck as you; suddenly something is poorly organized – in need of drastic tidying; or that distructive urge to tear yourself or somebody else apart with criticism.

Look to the bigger picture or principle to lift you out of the nitty detail. Work with the color purple. Visualize yourself in a bright field of purple wildflowers. Draw your imagination into the center of one flower and feel yourself part of nature. Know that everything less than perfect is also holy.

The intellect is keen during a Virgo Moon, and it likes useful work; you’ll hit your groove doing something productive. Straighten up a small corner of your world. Attend to an unsolved problem. Avoid heavy, spicy foods; be good to your liver and digestive system.

Inspired by Our Changing Sky; with gratitude M

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