Chakra Garden of Jewels….


flower-chakra-mandala-gabriel-sampad“Don’t go outside your house to search for jewels. Don’t even bother with that excursion, my friend.There are jewels inside yourself. Precious, profound and ready to be discovered.These jewels are just like flowers.

Some are taking root. They are in the process of being fertilised and getting ready to sprout. Others are growing and budding, preparing to flower.

There are also beautiful blooms inside, brimming with fragrance and lively vitality.
Others are in stages of decline, getting ready to retreat, recycle themselves, and naturally cycle back to the beginning.Like a bouquet of flowers, there are jewels within you.

There is a sparkling ruby red jewel and it’s so stabilising and protective.
There is an orange carnelian jewel too. It lights up your senses, creativity and ability to feel.There is a beautiful amber jewel, radiating confidence, inner strength and courage.
There is an emerald jewel too. The glowing emerald green jewel is loving, forgiving and kind.
There is a bright sapphire blue jewel shining with truth and sparks your creativity.
There is an amethyst glowing inside that awakens your intuition and shows you the big picture.
There is a crystal clear diamond, shining with spirit, connecting the holy with you.

Don’t go outside your house to search for jewels. Don’t bother with that excursion, my friend. There are jewels inside yourself, waiting to be discovered, polished and ready to beam beautifully.”

~ Julie Lusk

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