” Change — even if we don’t want it — can be beneficial. Change brings us new opportunities to evolve, adapt, and move beyond limiting beliefs.

In every change is a lesson. In every change is an opening for something new, letting go of the old; something fresh, letting go of the stale; something unexpected, stepping beyond limits. In every change we are reminded that we are an integrated thread in the universal fabric of existence – ever changing…ever merging. As one door closes – a new one opens. As one chapter ends…a new one begins.” – David Ji

Go Online with Yoga JO……

My name is Jo from Yoga Jo and due to the covid-19 epidemic I had to get a little creative with my yoga studio. I am passionate about yoga! So I wish to also encourage other teachers to get creative too! I have a yoga studio in Kensington Johannesburg on the border of Bedfordview. My studio was doing extremely well before the lockdown began. Instead of letting it get me down I immediately started a YouTube channel and it has grown, however this did not bring in any revenue. It did help a lot of people from feeling the misery and I got a lot of gratitude for it.

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