3 Ways to Improve Your Self-Awareness during Yoga…..

The most intriguing part of your yoga practice lies in the ever-changing state of both your body and mind.

When you begin any conscious practice, you realize you’re never exactly the same as you were the day before. This continual state of transience means there is always another layer of awareness to consider. Very quickly, the practice becomes far less about reaching a specific goal or mastering a pose and more about the feeling and experience of being in the pose – it’s a special kind of self-awareness that strengthens as you practice.This union between opposing forces allows a greater understanding of the duality you face in your daily life.

Every time you step onto your mat, it’s an opportunity to draw your attention to the present moment instead of focusing on where you once were or wish to be.
Here are 3 ways to improve your self-awareness whilst practicing Yoga:

1. Find Presence Where You’re Standing

Staying conscious of your foundation assures a strong place to build your poses. Whenever you land in a pose, be sure to keep awareness in your hands and feet or whatever is keeping you connected with the ground.

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