The Roots of Suffering: Sprouted from the Mind, Healed by the Heart

Our thoughts have power and our minds are like windows through which we see and interpret the world. Cleaning these windows until they are clear is what we aim to do in Yoga. We do this so that we can see things as they really are and alleviate the roots of our suffering.

Too often our mind makes us suffer by entertaining thoughts of past regrets and future worries. How often does your thinking make you unhappy simply because your thoughts can’t seem to remain in the present moment where everything is more often good and well? The roots of suffering lie within our inability to stay totally and completely attentive to the present moment.

We want the mind to remain clear, calm and still as possible — like the way it is when gazing out at a beautiful sunset, watching it fade under the horizon. The moment of peace most all of us experience when we’re deeply connected to nature is how we want our minds to be so we can remain open, present and, ultimately, free of suffering.

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