Enjoy Your Yoga Practice Whilst Supporting Those In Need At The Same Time….

Good people, there is no valid reason for you not to get some Yoga and we have never needed it more. At Pure Peace Yoga, we are not just offering Zoom live Yoga but we have shorter pre-recorded classes, meditation, mantra chanting and Satsung (teachings/messages) on the cards too, which you will have access to through a subscription.

You are a drop, but you are also the Ocean. 20% of what we bring in goes to support Hotel Hope, our local foster home, and we have committed to continue paying our domestic and gardening staff. So when you support us, you support them.

Your first class with us is free! Go to www.purepeaceyoga.co.za and book a class on our schedule. Here’s a HOW TO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5D0JVUIz4Pc
Queries: 076 813 2825 or purepeaceyoga@gmail.com Continue reading


” Change — even if we don’t want it — can be beneficial. Change brings us new opportunities to evolve, adapt, and move beyond limiting beliefs.

In every change is a lesson. In every change is an opening for something new, letting go of the old; something fresh, letting go of the stale; something unexpected, stepping beyond limits. In every change we are reminded that we are an integrated thread in the universal fabric of existence – ever changing…ever merging. As one door closes – a new one opens. As one chapter ends…a new one begins.” – David Ji