Heart Opening Visualization Meditation……

A heart awareness visualization meditation is one of the best practices you can do to get really present with the intelligence and awareness of your heart. Studies show that the heart’s intelligence is way more attuned to the truth of your inner and outer life than is the intelligence of the mind. The thoughts in our minds are constantly changing, whereas the heart’s knowing is more rooted in a deeper kind of intelligence – a more intuitive one. With a clean and open heart we can love everything and everyone around us more deeply. We can also receive love in a more natural and profound way – one with less fear and anxiety

Go to your sacred spot for meditation and sit comfortably. Soften your eyes and allow your mind to relax. Make sure your spine is long, your neck is long and your shoulders are relaxed downward.

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The Practice….

“The nature of Yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body” – Jason Crandell

Yoga encourages unification of the body, mind and spirit and experiencing the totality of the present moment. Very often we are somewhat physically and mentally somewhere completely different. That means we’re not truly present in the gift of life unfolding in front of us and we end up going through life predominately living in our minds. Practicing yoga trains the mind to exist within the body and within the senses and allows a shift from living life through the perceptions of the mind to living life through the senses – through the gift of sight, sound, touch and taste. As Osho famously said “when you live within the present moment, your life becomes a continuous song and blessing unto itself”.

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