Happy Diwali……

“Diwali is a reminder of our inner light. When your mind is calm, your heart is open and you will feel that light, you will feel that love.” Sri Swami Vishwananda. 

YTF wishes all our Hindu members a Happy Diwali! May all life be enlightened with prosperity, peace and plentiful joy. Love, Light and Laughter, always. Marina



The Light Of Diwali…..

It is that sacred time of Diwali, the Festival of Light! On this day as we light beautiful lamps in our homes, we must not only marvel at the glory and splendor, but we must also take the significance of the light into our lives.  We must warmly welcome the Divine into our hearts and into our lives.

The Divine Light Within
As we light the oil lamps in our homes and temples we must also remember to kindle the lamp within. Within each of us shines the Divine Light. The Divine Presence is not only everywhere outside of us, it is also within us.  The sun is always shining outside, but if your curtains are closed or your windows are covered with two inches of mud, it will be dark in your home.  The solution is not to go out searching for light, but only to open the curtains or clean the windows.  In the same way, we do not have to go out in search of God, in search of that Divine Light. It is already there.

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