Benefits of Practicing Phalakasana….

Requiring strength and steadiness, plank pose, or phalakasana (fal-ack-AHS-anna), is an essential posture for a strong yoga practice. Helping you develop the strength needed to access more advanced arm balancing postures, holding plank pose will improve your endurance and muscle tone while also generating heat and stimulating the navel chakra.

Hidden in the pose’s name is the Sanskrit word “phala,” which means to bear fruit or ripen. In yoga, the idea of tapas, often translated as “heat,” “passion,” or “discipline,” fuels the physical asana practice, encouraging students to seek out the challenge again and again in order to become stronger, to build an internal flame in the body that fuels every aspect of life.

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Happy Father’s Day…..

We honour our Father and celebrate the gift of life we received from him; the strength, courage, love and support of his presence, or the opportunities for growth by his absence. We are grateful for all our forefathers, those who played major roles during our formative years on a spiritual and intellectual level. We acknowledge that same creative drive within our children who make such wonderful fathers and ourselves, irrespective of gender, who father, hold and support others along their life journey, as fellow travelers.