World Mental Health Awareness Day – Sitting in Stillness….

“When we are constantly doing something, we are simultaneously constantly stimulating our nervous systems to the point of exhaustion – and an overexerted, depleted nervous system can most certainly give birth to an array of health problems, as well as make it all but impossible to overcome them. For optimal health and healing, we need our nervous systems on board and rooted in our bodies with expendable energy to place towards any problematic areas that may arise which need excess nourishment to be replenished. Otherwise, achieving a state of homeostasis and living a balanced, healthy life is highly unlikely.

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Hot, not bothered…….

From an Ayurvedic perspective, summer is dominated by the fiery energy of pitta, one of the components of a person’s mind- body constitution known as prakriti. Everyone has some degree of pitta in their prakriti, which regulates body temperature, metabolism, willpower, intelligence and discrimination. Because pitta is associated with fire, it can tend to overheat during summer and throw you out of balance.  If left unattended, an excess of pitta can produce inflammation, excessive hunger or acidity, aggressive behaviour and “hot”emotional reactions such as anger irritability, frustration and hatred.

To keep pitta from firing up too much during these hot months, begin fostering “coolness” in every sense of the word: slow down, chill out, swim and enjoy a light, fresh vegetarian diet.

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