Term of the Month: Saraswati

Saraswati, or Sarasvati, is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, art, music, learning and wisdom. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit sara, meaning “essence,” and sva, meaning “one’s self.” She is also associated with flowing water.

Within yoga, Saraswati is seen as being a powerful aid to a deeper form of meditation. Feeling her presence is said to encourage greater insight and creativity while also boosting levels of intuition.

Saraswati is typically shown as a beautiful woman wearing white, sitting on a lotus and with four arms. In many images, she is pictured with a musical instrument, swans and/or peacocks.

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Meeting Yourself…….

When you are so graced, there is a refraining from the habit of distraction and a turning inside. Instead of being reactive to what is arising in the play, you turn inside to feel into the internal response. It is always old, it is always a repetition. If no story is built around it and you are just meeting this out of what is still – what is still is the heart. There is this love that is meeting something that experienced the loss of love. And what this does is it melts away something that has been carried the whole life. As this melts away the armoring, the numbness begins to melt away with it. One begins to see that what I believed to be the problem is not the problem – it’s the answer to the problem. Continue reading