The Triumph of Love – The Significance of the Warrior Pose……

For some of us, the strong Warrior poses are invigorating and empowering. For others, they’re demanding and require great effort. For many of us, they’re all of these.

The three Warrior poses are named after Virabhadra, the fierce warrior that’s a form of Lord Shiva. The story of Virabhadra goes like this:

Once upon a time, in the celestial realms, Lord Shiva and a young woman named Sati fell madly in love and wed. Sati’s father, King Daksha, didn’t approve of his daughter marrying a wild yogi like Lord Shiva.To show his disapproval, King Daksha through a lavish party, but didn’t invite Shiva and Sati. When Sati heard about this, she begged Shiva to go to the party with her anyway. When Shiva refused she went alone.When she arrived her father jokingly announced that she must have come to her senses and left her husband. Sati was not amused and she defended Shiva. Once she realized her father would never understand, she announced: “Since you have given me this body I no longer wish to be associated with it!”

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New beginnings…….

Dear Members,
Welcome to a New Year ! The circle of 2019 is complete and we have now moved into a new twist in the ever moving spiral of our lives. As always, a new year heralds a time of reflection on past choices, belief systems and experiences both positive and negative. This reflection often results in the formulation of resolutions with the aim being to facilitate changes in ones’ life. In the event that these resolutions relate to your practice of Yoga let me share a few thoughts.
  •  List your expectations and decide which of them are valuable and realistic  – a half an hour Sadhana spent fully “present” is far more achievable and of greater value than a full hour where your thoughts and intentions are elsewhere.
  •  Don’t be afraid of imperfection in your Yoga. We cannot all be a  Forrest or Seane Corn for that matter.  Remember to work with the body that you have today – you may have been able to execute and hold a perfect Vrkasana yesterday but, after a night spent getting up to fretful children your body just cannot do the whole balance thing today and that’s ok.
  •  Have faith in yourself and your capabilities.
  •  Keep your practice flexible. Be open to new styles of practice and teachings.
  •  Yoga does not end the minute you leave the confines of a studio and hit rush hour traffic. Resolve to “Live Yoga”. Instead of elevating ones blood pressure to unhealthy levels whilst sitting in said traffic try a few rounds of diaphragmatic breathing first.
  •  Most of all look forward to this New Year with an open heart and mind.
May 2020 bring all of you enough of what you need and may your life be filled with meaning and purpose.
Love, Marina