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Tissue Salt Workshop with Willie Cloete

July 20 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Using Tissue Salts, also known as Cell Salts and sometimes Mineral Salts, for resolving complaints and supporting wellness has become a natural way for me over the years. Over time I have found that certain Tissue Salts are particularly useful for me and my constitution.

Tissue Salts are inorganic constituents of cells. These components are the building blocks of cells and life. Back in the mid-1850s a German scientist, Virchow, who made many scientific discoveries including recognizing leukemia cells, contributed to the development of “cell theory”– that the body is made up of cells. This led others, including and likely most recognizably, Dr. W. H. Schuessler, to create the Biochemic System of Medicine which conveyed the importance of 12 inorganic substances found in cells to our well being. Without a balance of these 12 substances, they are all essential, the body can find itself in predicaments of disease or discomfort. The result of these discoveries led to developing Tissue Salts, which one can use to determine which Salt is desirable based on symptoms one is experiencing, rather than the name of one’s ailment. For example, someone with water retention or liver/gallbladder issues may find the Tissue Salt called Natrum Sulphuricum (short name is Nat. Sulph.) helpful. A headache in the morning relates to a different salt than a stress headache.

The Astrological connection
In the 1910’s, a U.S. physician, Dr. George W. Carey, and his collaborator, Inez Eudora Perry, found themselves, through research and collections of case studies, pinpointing the vibration of each mineral of the 12 salts to a zodiac sign. The work is fascinating and the writings by these two describe, in the now archaic language of the times, the spiritual, chemical, and cosmic law alignments of minerals to planetary and zodiacal energies.

Carey and Perry identified that as we age, the Sun burns or uses up the mineral associated with our own Sun sign. They recommended supplementation as necessary. Perry also said in some letters compiled by Lorena Gardenhire, “I especially recommend the cell salts to all spiritual aspirants and initiates.”

Want to know more?
Come and learn how to use your own astrological information and knowledge of the Tissue Salts to not only assist with maintaining a healthy body, but also saving you money and time spend off when you are sick.

Cost: R350 and includes a light vegetarian lunch
Method of Payment: EFT before Workshop to confirm your space
More Info: 0837308344


July 20
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Willie Cloete
083 730 8344


Liberal Catholic Church
1232 Carter Street
Queenswood, Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa
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