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Yoga and Pilates Network Partnering Opportunity

Introduce corporate employees to Yoga and  to your Studio, add classes on quiet days or times, give new instructors a teaching opportunity, give current students incentives with reward concept – all at no cost to you.

TLC  has allocated sufficient budget for this project to create value for both studios who enter partnership and new students together with their family who will benefit from yogic lifestyle. Plan now in order to start Feb/March 2019.

Most of us already offer a free introductory class for new participants and a 10% Group package discount. Although not a new concept, this opportunity has a designated landline and is coordinated by a motivated young man – speak directly with Preston Naidoo;+27(011)6767764:

TLC Marketing Worldwide specialises in creating rewards and loyalty campaigns for blue-chip clients.

Suggestions: Up to 20% off yoga classes; Free 1st intro lesson for kids/adults. Possible platforms for this reward will be for the banking sector i.e. Gold/ Platinum accounts as a Value Added Service and as a loyalty for corporates.

  • Rewards model creates an opportunity for you to have FREE exposure ; including your brand being promoted on campaign rewards sites, above the line and below the line marketing to mention a few.
  • Benefits your studio by increasing your foot fall, giving you unlimited ears hearing your name and an audience with untouched South African consumers -who could be joining your class.
  • Happy to give you exclusivity in your region/ area.

 There is no cost for your involvement, nor commission fees and all clients pay directly to you/your members.

 Kindly find attached our specially made partnership agreement, please have all your participating studios send sign form to me soonest.

Looking forward to working with you and bring yoga to the lives of every South African.


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