World Yoga Day 24 Feb 2013


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Most studios support local feeding schemes, charities or do voluntary seva, however all donations are welcome!

WYD 2013 will dedicate its efforts to support FIAN International drive to free the world from hunger.Welcome and namasté

 WYD 2013 will dedicate its efforts to support FIAN International. Today, 870 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition – meaning their right to adequate food is violated. FIAN envisions a world free from hunger, in which every person fully enjoys human rights in dignity, particularly the right to adequate food. For over 25 years, FIAN has supported people’s struggle to hold governments accountable to respect, protect and fulfill their right to adequate food to allow them to feed themselves, their families and communities in dignity. MORE
In 2012 we collected US$ 18,636 (14,481 €) in donations for Reporters Without Borders. Thanks to everybody who made this possible! See feedback in our archive.

Read a letter of reference from AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL to whom we dedicated WYD 2008.

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